Let's Build A Landscape Again

(Like We Did Last Year)

Ellen, Jared, Haobo, Robert, and Yiran on the case.

This semester, when circumstances permitted, I worked with our second-year graduate students again on applying gamelike systems to vacant lots in St. Louis.

While each student ended on an individual study, our last activity before the veil of chaos descended was a group effort from all nine of us. Working on the 20th Street exit ramp from Route 40, just north of the so-called St. Louis Summit, we imagined an open space instead of the soccer stadium which is currently (maybe?) slated to be built there. Each student contributed to a common plant palette and roster of built elements, and we all playtested ways to combine those elements in a way that was surprising, fresh, and somewhat sensible.

Working with some 16-bit template images which were more balky than they should have been, we managed to make an overwhelming – maybe garbled? – landscape without any clear author but with some actual spaces peering out of the madness.

lets build
Work from Jared Brocklehurst, Robert Keast, Justin Parscher, Sarah Sanders, Haobo Sun, Harshat Verma, Ellen Warfield, Yiran Yang, and Yichen Yin.
lets build
Red maple fever!
lets build
A chain of little plazas.
lets build
We are all especially fond of the little island sanctuary just to the upper left.

(April 2020)